Ebooks Available for Checkout from the LRC

Facebook Cover Photo_Enjoy eBooks Did you know that the LRC offers free eBooks to students and teachers?  We have books in a variety of subjects including classic fiction,  current fiction, and popular nonfiction titles. The LRC Digital Library can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the world by visiting the following link: http://dahs.lib.overdrive.com

How to check out an eBook from the DHS Digital Library

Go to the  Digital Library Website http://dahs.lib.overdrive.com/

User name:  enter your unique ISG gmail address – without the “@isg.edu.sa” (For example smith.t.415 ) and the password you have been given.

More information: https://katrinalehman.wordpress.com

E-books can be enjoyed on a computer or mobile device.  All major computers and devices are supported, including iPhone®, iPad®, Nook®, and Android™ phones, and Kindle Fire.

For step-by-step instructions, click on this “Just the Basics” link: eBooks Just the Basics for Schools Overdrive Stop by the LRC or contact lehma.k.04 [at] isg.edu.sa if you need help with your login or have any questions.

Happy Reading!


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