kat profile

Greetings! This is my fourth year working with the Learning Resource Center (LRC) team as library media specialist. A strong advocate for literacy, education, and the arts, I hail from New Mexico, U.S.A.

A teacher for over two decades, I have taught all levels of students in Language Arts, English Literature, communications, information technology, and multimedia. Although I have worked in public and private schools in America, I have spent most of my career at international schools in Honduras, Bolivia, Myanmar, China and now Saudi Arabia. A certified librarian with a Masters in School Library and Information Technologies, I also have a Masters in Educational Technology. My professional portfolio contains more details about my work experience and teaching philosophy.

In the library, I work with students to encourage them to be strong readers and life-long learners.  With telecommunication tools, we are able to connect to other students to the world using digital tools and support learners as they use and create information.

Outside of work, I enjoy video editing  and surfing the web for information and inspiration. Offline, I spend my time  writing, creating art, scuba diving in exotic places, and photographing the everyday world.