Image and Audio Sources

Sound Sources

Freeplay Music (Mac users use Safari, not Firefox)
Free Goodies for Indie Moviemakers
Comfort Stand
iCompositions (click on GenreJump)
Internet Archives Netlabels
WM Recordings

Image Sources A great site to access royalty-free paintings by artists. Many images belong to the public domain, and each artist has a page with a bio and list of important works. This is a massive collection, and the most comprehensive one that I know. I’ve been using this site for years, and students love it as well.

Compfight  Locate the visual inspiration you need. Super-fast!

Dreamstime Download high resolution, Royalty-Free and public domain (CCo) images for free.

Google Cultural Institute Discover exhibits and collections from museums and archives all around the world. Explore cultural treasures in extraordinary detail, from hidden gems to masterpieces.

Jet Propulsion Lab The JPL has a fantastic amount of free pictures and multimedia content for use in education.

Imagebanks that require short log-in process- user name and email required:

Macdesktops: This is a fantastic site for all types of educators, especially if you’re interested in manipulating photos or looking for a creative background for your original shots. Check it out!

Imagebanks that require a long-log-in procedure: (Except your email address, use false info for online privacy. No need to distribute unnecessary bits of identity if it isn’t needed.) iStockPhoto is the cheapest way to acquire royalty free stock images.

Corbis Corbis is a leader in the royalty free image world. You can download comp pictures without watermarks to mock up designs

Getty Images Getty is another great royalty free image site.  (Tip: go to “Creative” and then search “Royalty-free”)

Other Useful Sites


Photographic Libraries Free Public Domain Images and Clip Art
Free Foto
Stock Vault
Flickr Stock Repository
Flickr Creative Commons
Wikimedia Commons
Free Pixels
American Memory
Courtauld Institute of Art (40,000 images of art and architecture)
ArtServe (art and architecture from the Mediterrean and Japan)
PBase World Gallery (amateur photos organized by country)
Copyright friendly Pics for Education
Free Photos Bank


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